Our latest review is in! March 01 2014

Booklist reviews Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood

Booklist published a wonderful review of our newest release, Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood


"Early childhood math instruction should involve more than teaching counting and shape identification, according to this well-organized program, in which three educators stress that both math and literacy proficiency are necessary to help children succeed in school. The hosts begin by dispelling many current myths about mathematics and early childhood education, including that children will simply absorb math principles without formal instruction. The program presents five “Big Ideas” that young students need to learn and comprehend, including the mechanics of measurement. Frequent clips of teachers interacting with urban prekindergarten students model the presented concepts, with onscreen captions and lists reinforcing information and technical terms. A final segment offers classroom suggestions and demonstrations. Although primarily for teachers, this pricey title, which includes public-performance rights, can also be used by parents who homeschool or are eager to give their young ones a head start in school."

Candace Smith, Booklist Online