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Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory: An Introduction With Albert Bandura, Ph.D.

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Treading new ground in the field of social psychology, Albert Bandura’s work has become basic to an understanding of how social forces influence individuals, small groups and large groups. From his early BoBo doll experiments through his work with phobias, to his recent work on self-efficacy, Bandura has given us a sense of how people actively shape their own lives and those of others.

Utilizing archival materials and newly shot visuals, students will be introduced to the vocabulary and innovative methods of this influential thinker. Dr. Bandura’s narration imbues this video with his compelling presentation style and intellectual authority.


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This video features Dr. Albert Bandura, renowned social psychologist and professor, providing a personal introduction to his social cognition theory of human behavior with specific emphasis on the theory of self-efficacy. As defined by Dr. Bandura, self-efficacy is “a person’s belief in their own ability to produce the desired results by their own actions.” Dr. Bandura also states “a comprehensive theory must explain how people acquire competencies, values and styles of behavior but also explain how people motivate and regulate their behavior.” This statement sets the stage for the information thatfollows in the video lecture. Dr. Bandura places this theory in historic work with phobic behaviors, and discusses his research on observational learning. Using instructive information frames and illustrations with persons demonstrating concepts in actual situations, Dr. Bandura is able to provide the viewer with a thorough introduction to efficacy beliefs and the resulting effects. He guides, explains, and encourages further study in this discipline by his warm and engaging from his life to give additional perspective for the context of his theory.

The video mixes historical b&w sequences of still photographs as a part of the illustrative material and includes flute and harp music in selected scenes as a poignant background that serves to provoke and deepen thoughtful understanding of the concepts Dr. Bandura discusses. Even moreeffective while the ending credits scroll is the closing frame of an Inuit artist discussing his development as a commercial carver in the socialtheory context. This video is an excellent addition for psychology and education collections.

Highly recommended!

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Highly Recommended!


“This is the videotape for which many of us have been waiting. Written and narrated by Albert Bandura himself, this videotape conveys the power and scope of his theory through personal and archival film and preserves it for generations to come. It is an ideal resource for students seeking to grasp the implications of Bandura’s seminal research, ranging from his early studies of social modeling to his most recent work on self-efficacy. "This videotape will be invaluable in many fields -- providing Albert Bandura’s extraordinary insights into human aggression, prosocial development, mental and physical health, athletic and intellectual development, and education.”

--Barry J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Doctoral Program in Educational Psychology, City University of New York



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