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The Emotional Brain: An Introduction to Affective Neuroscience With Brian Knutson, Ph.D.

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Emotions color our everyday individual existence and shape all aspects of our interpersonal and intellectual experiences. In this film, animations and fMRI images introduce students to what we now know about the sub-cortical emotional circuits in the brain and chemical processes that produce our emotional responses and contribute to our decision making and mental health. Live action sequences, both in laboratory and real life situations, illustrate Dr. Knutson's research on risk taking and provide intriguing examples of the factors involved in the interplay of affect and reason in making choices



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"The Emotional Brain provides an engaging introduction to some of the most exciting questions in modern neuroscience: How does our brain generate the complex, subjective feelings and physiological states that make up our emotional lives? The film is written and narrated by Dr. Brian Knutson (Stanford University), a leading scientist in this emerging field. Knutson walks viewers through key concepts and experimental results in a straightforward and jargon-minimizing manner. Rather than try to cover the breadth of affective neuroscience in a single movie – an impossible goal – he selects a few important examples and describes them in terms of simpler metaphors appropriate for classroom instruction. This approach tends more to generate questions than to provide definitive answers, and thus the video serves a quick and interesting starting point for in-class discussions or further exploration of the emotional brain."

--Scott Huettel, Ph.D., Director, Center for Neuroeconomic Studies, Duke University



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