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Erik H. Erikson: A Life's Work With Ph.D.s Margaret Brenman-Gibson and Ruthie Mickles

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Narrated by Erikson's colleague, Margaret Brenman-Gibson, Ph.D. and Ruthie Mickles, Ph.D. Using archival materials and newly shot footage, this film introduces students to the rich wisdom of Erik H. Erikson. Best known for his identification of the eight stages of the life cycle, Erikson spent a lifetime observing and studying the way in which the interplay of genetics, cultural influences and unique experiences produces individual human lives. This film combines biographical information about Erikson with his theoretical proposals to give students an understanding of the relationship between the life experience of a theorist and the work that is produced.


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I want to let you know how much my students and I enjoy your videos, particularly Erik Erikson: A Life's Work. For the past several years, I have incorporated the video in my Lifespan Development course. Beyond the excellent presentation of Erikson's work and developmental model, the students especially appreciate getting to hear directly from Erikson in the interview clips contained in the film. Perhaps best of all from an instructional perspective, the film helps the students to understand the origins of Erikson's theories through our discussions of the impact that his childhood had on his own developmental process.

Daniel M. Blumberg, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist PSY10834 Assistant Professor Department of Undergraduate Psychology; C-4 Alliant International University 10455 Pomerado Road San Diego, CA 92131



1993: Honorable Mention, National Council of Family Relations




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