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Morality: Judgments and Action With Elliot Turiel, Ph.D.

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Combining archival materials, a replication of a recent study with young children and frank interviews with contemporary college students, this production summarizes much of the current research about moral development. It leads students to experience the methodology involved in psychological research and to consider the factors involved as they face moral decisions in their own lives.


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"Elliot Turiel's video on morality is informative, compelling, and engaging. I have used it 4 or 5 times in my courses already, and I plan to use it every semester. The narrative is easy to follow, and brings an important academic area of scholarship to life. The video covers research on children’s and adolescents' social and moral development. It covers how children acquire morality, and the distinctions that they are able to make early on regarding their knowledge about different types of rules in everyday, familiar settings, such as playgrounds and classrooms. My students read much of the material covered in the film prior to viewing it and they marveled at how comprehensive, and at the same time, compelling it was to listen to the narrative and watch the testimonies from the individuals in the film.

"In addition, the students found it very helpful to see how the interview methodology is actually carried out. The film shows interviewers asking children, adolescents, and adults to make moral judgments about a range of social issues. These vignettes gave a reality to the methodology that was less obvious to the students when they read the materials. Moreover, the examples from a range of cultures are very timely, and significant in this era of globality, mobility, and multi-culturalism. Rather than just drawing on middle-class U.S. children, the film displays children and families from all over the world. Interviews are conducted with individuals from different parts of the globe, and my students and I greatly appreciated this type of inclusive approach. Surprisingly, it is rare to find academic films with this type of breadth, candor, and scholarship. Morality: Judgments and Actions is a must for any course that touches on morality, ethics, social development, and culture."

-- Melanie Killen, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development and Associate Director of the Center for Children, Relationships and Culture, Department of Human Development, University of Maryland






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